Farewell to Great Editor

Weeks ago I payed last respects to Agnieszka Bojanowska, the person who greatly influenced my thinking about film making.  Madame Agnieszka worked with me only on a few projects but made a huge impression.   There was something in her way of approaching material and making decisions that has stayed with me and became one of the most important "tools". 

"How would Madame Agnieszka do this cut?" is a phrase that comes to my mind very often during editing.   And I think it greatly improves the results.  

Our first collaboration was on a TV feature decades ago.  I was too young and too inexperienced to fully understand her input - aside from the fact that I liked her suggestions. 

When years and years later I brought to her "Lawnswood Gardens" and then "The View from a Cathedral" I was able to understand more of what she was saying. 

But it wasn't only about technical choices that she communicated.  Her being was larger than her craft.  Or rather her craft was the result of her being. 

Thank you Madame Agnieszka. 

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