The edge

"Zero Dark Thirty" 
written by Mark Boal, directed by Katherine Bigelow

Among many ideas that “Zero Dark Thirty” plants in our minds some that jump out are: the personal conviction matters the most, intuition is often more important than experience, the hungriest one is many times the most successful, individuality is the primary force or progress, hunches make or break effectiveness of our actions 

Most of the above is disputed or flatly denied by some pros from the counter terrorism field yet the power of this film flies the ideas convincingly high.  The deniers want us to believe that romanticizing things is the Hollywood fluff and reality is different, more pedestrian and mundane.  Perhaps, perhaps.   

In the film everybody wants more, but those who want more more are the true winners.  Even the Seals study Tony Robbins!  

Mark Boal reveals this relentless pursuit of the edge in many ways.  One, particularly impressive is a short elevator exchange (its power undoubtedly comes also from the amazing screen presence of James Gandolfini playing the Director)

They’re all cowed.  What do you think of the girl?

I think she’s fucking smart

We’re all smart, Jeremy.