Directed by Jack Kubrick?

Stanley Kubrick with his father, Jack. 

I saw “Stanley Kubrick” exhibition several months ago and still keep finding notes I wrote immediately after experiencing it. 

The interview with his wife reveals a few fascinating insights.   Like the source of his insatiable curiosity.  Supposedly it came from his amazing parents.  They kept inspiring him and motivated to be inquisitive about the world.  At the same time they showed a lot of carrying and feelings toward him.  That’s what Stanley learned since his childhood and it shows in his films - Christiane Kubrick states in her interview. 

Is an artist’s outcome the extension of the way he was raised?  Perhaps then in some cases it is the parents who should be championed as the creators of the art produced by their offspring.  If so, where would all that end?  

How much of what we do is really ours?


A man on the street interview

It was during one of my visits to the old country:  I interviewed this man in January 1990 in Warsaw, just outside a building where the last congress of the Polish Communist Party was held.    It was a rushed exchange and I did not take the man's name. 

He was clearly a well educated, bright and quite angry fellow with a fabulous insight.  He could be a sociologist/historian.  But could be also a representative of a different trade.   Difficult to say since a lot of Poles are quite savvy discussing ethics and politics.

I am considering using this interview in the "Aufhebung", the Marek Siemek documentary and would really like to find this man.  

Does anyone know how to get in touch with him?   


The Siemek Project Update

Stanislaw Elsner-Zaluski as Marek Siemek in "Aufhebung"

The Marek Siemek film got a new title. It’s no longer “The Department of Historical Necessity”, or even "The Department of Accidental Necessity", but instead its now “Aufhebung.”  Don’t worry, the film will start with a definition of the term.

The old title will still remain for now in trailers, money applications, posters, blog and website entries.

It will be a long film.  Hopefully moving fast though.

I am working on setting its openning nigh for early March next year.

Stay tuned.