The meeting

It turns out that a modest project which I produced as a byproduct of “Lawnswood Gardens” found its way to the independent existence.  This Sunday in Wroclaw, Poland there will be a public meeting between two giants of Polish culture: the sociologist Zygmunt Bauman and the sculptor Miroslaw Balka.  Both are the subject of “The meeting”, the video I made three years ago with the aim to describe the starting dynamics of an encounter between the two creators.  The idea was to explore complexities of any intellectual encounter and in particular those that happen between the two specific intellectuals who are intrigued be their respective takes on reality.  

This video will have its premiere during the Wroclaw event, which is to promote the Bauman/Balka book - a collection of their conversations.   I made “The Meeting” for National Center for Culture which organizes the event and is also the book publisher. 

I am glad “The meeting”, conceived as a sketch has been considered worthy a public presentation.   If anyone is going to attend, please let me how it went. 

The event details are at http://www.nck.pl/artykuly/100840.html