Where does a war start?

This polish book title is “This is war”.  It is an investigation of the connections between ultra conservatives, anti abortionist, anti-LGBT, neo-fascist, Kremlin inspired “let’s bring back the Middle Ages” movement.  Klementyna Suchanow uncovers the agenda and money flow of this scary ideology in its insidious attacks on our freedoms.

Suchanow is a strong writer, her previous book was a two volume biography of Witold Gombrowicz.  It’s a fabulous book.  When it came out I wondered what would happen if this Gombrowicz infused sensitivity turned into current politics.  Now I know.  The irony and absurd has been augmented by fury and horror.  That’s a powerful mix.

A bit from the book: Klementyna interviews one of the anti conservative activists who says “War is a state of mind”. 

It hits me as a simple yet powerful truth.  It all starts with the mind.  Your mind.   My mind.