The Unwanted Proof


Why do we do bad things to ourselves,

knowing they are bad?

Doing bad things to others

is simple to explain by “knowing better”,

which is another name for love or hate.

But harming ourselves because we know better

does not make sense.

Unless harming we do out of self hate.

Does some part in us not want us to be perfect?

Is it the evolution testing the strength of its monads

so that The Future of Life will be bright and powerful?

Is it the (peculiar you must admit)

expression of God’s love to us? (Free will and all that.)

Or is it a dark force rejoicing in crippling the God’s creation?

Hating us. Seeking out every opening

to trigger our self damage.

Applying constant pressures of laziness, procrastination,

deafness, blindness and haste.

Hidden, or not so hidden, in everyday choices,

seemingly trite, in fact decisive

to the eternal consequences of our missteps.

Why are we weak, stupid and scared?

The answer that seems most reasonable is indeed

a metaphysical one.

And that is a terrifying thought.

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