"Metropolis", 1927 directed by Fritz Lang,
written by Lang and Thea von Harbou

You cheats! You untalented and lazy bastards,

who elbowed your dull selves onto the silver screen

after 1927, the year “Metropolis” appeared,

you were not original whatsoever.

Nor did you offered anything significant or inspiring.

Instead were just rehashing the Lang's vision.

All those “milestone achievements” in film-making

in reality were just stolen. From Fritz.

Is it possible that most of the film history

has been hijacked by mediocrity?

That the warning tale of the tragic connection

between technology and the masses

fell upon deaf ears for almost a century?

That what appeared to be a sentimental message

of “reason and hand needing a heart to connect”

was in fact a true warning of the utmost importance?

Completely disregarded.

All the years following “Metropolis”

whether in film or politics

or in self awareness of the masses

proved the film’s call to be true.

Yet nobody has listened.

So we continue this terrifying “progress”

backward. Straight to our own doom.

Look around:

There is nothing to make a connection

between ideas and technology.

There are only dumb and easy swayed crowds.

Only bland and shallow stories.

Originating from bland and shallow minds.

Delivered to bland and shallow viewers.

Consumed by them in obnoxious and mindless stupor.

All heartless.

No change in sight.


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