My best films ever list (first attempt)

Tootsie: Bill Murray, "That's ... one nutty hospital"

A high-school teacher of philosophy reviled that he runs a film club for his students.  I asked about the titles.  Most, as far as I could identify them, where with a positive moral conclusion, with an outlook helpful in navigating the approaching adulthood.  It made sense since the course was for the students about to graduate.

I said that when I was teaching filmmaking my choices where not that wholesome, rather bordelining on “sick”, and probably not appropriate for the young audiences as a source of “feel good, educational inspiration".  At which point he challenged me to create a list of my films.  Upon completing it I realised that there are two kinds of films there: one says it’s all gloom and doom, along the lines of “Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown”:  

  1. Irreversible, dir. Caspar Noe
  2. Chinatown, dir. Roman Polański
  3. Nocturnal Animals, dir. Tom Ford   
  4. Biutiful, dir. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu   
  5. Requiem for a dream, dir. Darren Aronofsky 
  6. Pulp Fiction, dir. Querten Tarantino
  7. Mullholand Drive, dir. David Lynch
  8. Vertigo, dir. Alfred Hitchcock 
  9. Eyes Wide Shut, dir. Stanley Kubrick
  10. Black Widow, dir Bob Rafelson 
  11. King Ubu, dir. Piotr Szulkin

The second list chimes more with a line from Tootsie “That's... one nutty hospital”: 

1. Adaptation, dir. Spike Jonze

2. Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind, dir. Michel Gondry

3. Being John Malcovitch, dir. Spike Jonze

4. Tootsie, dir. Sydney Pollack

5. Some like it Hot, dir. Billy Wider

The “doom and gloom” outnumbers “whimsical”.  Hmmmm…..

the lists leave out the masterpieces of Kieślowski, Skolimowski, Tarr, Antonioni, Bergman and the likes.   to be continued...

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