Life reinforces preposterous plot twists

Whiplash, by Damien Chazelle

Being a sucker for “let’s succeed no matter what the odds are, even if the biggest of the culprits are our own limitations” I liked this movie a lot. The drive is amazing and so fast and furious that even some less plausible plot twists gallop past reasonable doubt and produce a narrative epiphany.

Upon reading about the director having a serious car accident but nevertheless returning the next day to work I wondered if my comment about “less plausible lot twists” (I meant that the hero has a very serious looking car accident which miraculously does not stop him from showing up for a gig where nobody minds a bloodied performer rolling onto the stage) had any merit. Clearly the screenwriter/director walked his talk. Hats off to him.

Hats off to him also for splendid direction and for supervising amazing editing and acting.

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