The Siemek's update

Work at the Marek Siemek documentary - "The Faculty of Accidental Necessity" (yes, the title evolves)  is in full speed now.  Lately I discovered a rare video footage of Siemek's lectures, recorded when he was at his peek.  In his early 50ties, beaming with charisma, smarts and power he validates the raves other have been using in describing him.

What's more important -  in one of the lectures he brings his guard down and allows for a discussion about how much in what he talks about is his own and what are his philosophical goals.  His normal method is to hide himself rather well behind "the presentations" and behind "showing the field".  Yet in the same way there is no objective storytelling in film, here is no objective presentation in philosophy.  I think.

Needles to say this footage significantly colors the entire story.

Yet, as shown below, listening to (even brilliant) philosophical lectures could be challenging, boring and frustrating (to some):

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