Exhibitionism or hiding in a doc

A poster announcing "Stories We Tell" 
with the discussion afterwards. 

Yesterday at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (in Warsaw) where I teach filmmaking there was a panel/audience discussion about "Stories We Tell".  I was of the opinion that the director did everything she could to lessen the emotional impact of the story.   In my mind, she did that in order to claim the subject, to project her, purposely unspecified, approach, and in doing so not to go deeper into the story.  I claimed that because Sarah Polley is a fantastic and very competent director (I am enchanted by her techniques in "Take This Waltz") and so I assumed that she was in total command of her emotionally lukewarm narrative choices in "Stories We Tell."

During the discussion questions were raised about her exhibitionism, which to me again, was just clever hiding of something she did not want to explore.  

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