Siemek and Velazquez

Professor Marek Siemek treated Las Meninas by Velazquez as a profound philosophical statement.  That's the fact from his lectures about the Fichte's theory of seeing.  During those lectures Siemek analysed the paining in detail.

One day walking through the hallways of the department of philosophy at Warsaw University, startled, he stopped in his tracks:  a contemporary version of the Velazquez composition suddenly appeared in front of him.

That's from the film I am currently producing.

What happened when Siemek entered "the painting"?  

Who will replace the royal couple reflected in the back mirror in the Velazquez's painting?

To find out you need to wait till the movie is finished.

For now there are a few offline (cropped) screenshots from the scene:

Prof. Siemek is played by Stanisław Elsner-Załuski
Cinematography by Piotr Rejmer
(We have shot it in 4K and no reframing has been done yet)

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