Documenting congresses

Shooting an interview in Krakow. 

While attending the 19th Jubilee International Congress of Aesthetics
(Berlin 1913 – Krakow 2013) I also produced a short video describing the event.  It is available on their website. 

The production accompanied the process of gathering material for another project currently in production.  This time I had several cameras working simultaneously and got a lot of "behind the scenes" shots which reveal interesting dynamics between the people who articulate philosophical ideas and those who attempt to capture them (the ideas and their carriers, that is) into images.  This theme elbows itself into my current interests and will be reported on later. 

After over a decade of making philosophical conference videos I got somehow addicted to the process.  I enjoy meeting fabulous minds and exciting personalities.  The Krakow conference video, while attempting to be a "corporate" piece, in its selection of the people on the screen, reflects my personal likes, although with such a huge event it was impossible to include everybody whom I found intriguing. Nothing lost, however, my philosophical image library is growing!  

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