"I give it a year"

Since the flick is about the undoing of wrong choices within a time limit and essentially about the futility of a mismatched (marriage or a film?) it should be named “I give it two hours”.  But let’s not kick those who have fallen. “I give it a year” is amazingly lame and borderline painful to watch but there is one scene there that makes up for the discomfort of dealing with misguided intentions.  

At certain point the unspoken yearnings of the two of four main characters are cleverly challenged. He tries to express them staging an over the top romantic setting, she fights her attraction toward him.

Deliciously and slightly absurdly pigeons get in the way. Things are beginning to happen not only in the psychological but also in the physical sphere.  The mounting of these physical obstacles helps to go for laughs. The entire story lifts itself high, if only for one scene. 

Like never enough RAM in a computer, so never enough obstacles in a comedy.

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