Dear Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Peli: can we make scary scarier?

“Paranormal activity”, written/directed by Oren Peli

In case you have not yet seen the superb original “Paranormal activity” - be warned, I will discuss its ending.

I’d like to pose a question to those who did watched it and hypothetically even to those who were behind making it. The press materials say that the movie version ending was suggested by the Maestro Spielberg himself, hence the title of this post.

The body flying toward the camera is strong, shocking and fabulous. Yet it felt disappointingly fast as a conclusion of a very suspenseful scene and the film itself.

I wonder what would happen if an additional beat was introduced: mainly after the victim leaves the room and before the throw of the body toward the camera the victim escapes the horror of the hallway into the room, collapses onto the floor and lies there scared out of his mind.

Then the noise on the hallway intensifies and the body of the victim is whooshed back into the darkness of the hallway. Several seconds of horrifying cries follow and only then the body flies toward the lenses. Would it not milk the scare longer without taking away the final shock?

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