Never enough

A voracious appetite for understanding, for communication, for seeing, for changing things, for living. Getting up after a hard knock and going again. Regardless of set backs. With empathy for those who failed. With silence when needed and a laud cry when required.

The above could be a snapshot of several individuals I have met. Intellectuals. Politicians. Activists. Artists in art or life. Those with "names" and those known only to a few around them. All passionate. All courageous. All inspiring.

Recently I found an expression of this attitude in The Guardian's profile of Zygmunt Bauman (written a few years ago by Madeleine Bunting). Here it goes:

“The real pessimism is quietism - not doing anything because nothing can be changed, argues Bauman: "Why do I write books? Why do I think? Why should I be passionate? Because things could be different, they could be made better. [My role] is to alert people to the dangers, to do something. 'Don't ever console yourself that you have done everything you could, because it's not true,' says the philosopher Levinas, who believed that you recognized a moral person as someone who does not think he or she is moral enough. That is also how we recognize a just society - a just society castigates itself that there is not enough justice in our society."

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  1. Bauman is a smart guy, no doubts.

    Every person has their moments of doubt. A moment in which time stops to count, when we feel like a big black cold mass is getting tight around us. When we feel panicked, afraid of each next day, when we dont know who we are, what should we do. And we begin to look for ourselves, even though just a few days before everything seemed so clear and sure. A moment or even a period of time, in which we feel that we cant acomplish enything, when we feel useless. A moment in which we look for friends, but they seem to be so far away. A moment in which we say to others that everything is fine, but silently scream for help. A moment of confusion, when we totally dont know what to do.
    A few weeks ago I had this moment. Im still - step by step - getting on my feet again. Life is hard, but yet we have to live it, face it, conquer it. The hardest thing is to make the scream for help hearable. I took me a few months to make the scream real. And then help just came, it seems like it was all the time all around me, just waiting for me to reach out for it. But then having the black grip surrounding you, makes you blind to see that help is all around.