The hours that you spend in this world

are few and between.

The rest of your time

you are not here,

dreaming, waiting,

preparing to dip yourself into this reality

floating somewhere near

yet not here

disconnected, alien, alone

only occasionally being lured back

by the mercifully thrown rope

of somebody’s stare,

preferably indicating interest,

but in reality

any movement of

any emotion

will do

for you to be back


where you visit so



  1. It is almost as though I cannot decide whether or not this is hopeful. Or is it hopeless. No, I cannot believe that. Perhaps for the simple fact that it has been written. I believe we write to say, seek, to open.

  2. This is exactly what I meant when I was writing it. However at that time I was not aware of that. This comment brought it forth. Thanks! Clearly the issue of showing versus fully articulating requires more attention.

  3. Your site is a closed loop. In it you keep making the same observations, and doing so in such a clinical manner there is very little 'you' in them. Instead we are seeing intellect triumph over emotion. Where is Dragon Charlie, now, my friend? Hung over in some zoner bar, doing tricks with his ability to make fire for free drinks, I guess. Or worse. He has given up his quest to find happiness and gone back to his lair. jehuamaziah@gmail.com

  4. Kto by pomyslal, ze to ten sam facet, co wyklada na swpsie...

  5. Carl,
    Dragon Charlie has bought you a drink but you do not answer his calls! Wrong email address?