The “what” distinctions

“Poste Restante”
written, directed by Marcel Łoziński
camera by Jacek Petrycki

The latest by Marcel Łoziński got him the 2009 European Film Award for best short film. The film is a 14 min. tale about a letter addressed to God and what happens to it at the Undeliverable Letters Department of the Post Office.

What follows is from the interview he gave Joanna Sławińska in the 1/2010 issue of the SFP Film Magazine:

Łoziński (Oscar nomination for “89mm to Europe”) believes in extensive documentation. Unlike most who say “know what you’re saying”, he pushes it further. The documentation is essential in order to be able to know the following:

what one wants to say,

about what one wants to say it,

why one wants to say it,

how one wants to say it.

Once the documentation is thoroughly done, due to the production logistics he “compresses reality”. By provoking, stimulating what’s already there or planting external elements into the photographed scenes he brings about that which he knows is already there (which, with patience and lots of time and money would eventually reveal itself naturally)

At the same time he advocates that there is no objective truth and that every camera set up is subjective by its very nature.

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