Prof. Lewinski returns!

written and directed by Pawel Kuczynski

On Saturday we completed a scene for the next “philosophical adventure” of professor Lewinsky. The shoot had a quite elaborate background: floating dragons, laser lights and explosions. My miniscule yet wonderfully capable crew took advantage of a powerful sight and sound night extravaganza organized by "Teatr Groteska" in Cracow. Thanks to the theater kind permission we could be in the right spot on the right time to film our scene. I am quite happy with the results and hope that from now on professor Lewinsky will be more “public friendly” and commercial in his film appearances.

And yes, the figure on the right side of the frame is myself. Due to production logistics I have put myself into the story as a filmmaker/journalist investigating a strange behavior of the professor and his cute female assistant. This means that not only does prof. Lewinski return but he also brings with him his very own opponent, who actually writes the entire story.

Credits: The shot above by Joanna Urbaniec. Paweł Soja operated the second camera. Grzegorz Juras became prof. Lewinski and Małgorzata Makosz his lovely assistant. Andrzej Robak organized the shoot. To be continued.

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