The song that sings a singer.

 a Spanish singer at a Picasso exhibit

A Pablo Picasso single work is always an epiphany.

A Pablo Picasso exhibit is always a head spinning treat.  It usually leaves me with an sense of wonder: “where does his brilliance come from”.  In a touch of genius, a recent Pablo Picasso exhibit showcased a video of Spanish singers and dancers.   The video wasn’t labeled (?) But worked great to I guess it was meant to bring closer to the exhibit viewer the emotional and energy background of the Picasso volcanic sources.  It worked quite well for me.

In one of the vignettes, a male singer (in the photo above) sings deeply enthralled in the process.  He is so much into it that every now and then he opens his eyes as if awakened and with a surprise (“where am I”?, “what’s happening to me”?) looks around.

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons Picasso is so fantastic.  His art speaks through him.  He steps aside and let’s the force come forward.

If one could only attempt something like that in a film.…

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