What does exist?

"Demon" directed by Marcin Wrona

Ever since I saw his film debut “My Blood” I wanted to write about the talented Marcin Wrona. In his first film he seemed to be wonderfully mad and also technically very competent. His next film “The Christening” was strong, self assured and disquieting. Then came his final picture called “Demon”. (Wrona died during a film festival, officially it was a suicide in which I simply don’t believe.)

IMHO “Demon” reaches the world class level. The elegance of the craft makes the viewing a very powerful spacial and auditory experience. The storytelling is serious and yet displays measured moments for laughter. Its structure is solid and yet open enough to spill its content outside the frame, so that the meeting between a viewer and the screen can continue long after the screening.

The film tells a story of a mystery and does it in a mysterious way. All requirements for the  kicks of “I am scared by the horror” or “I see him quoting from famous films” or “I understand his voice in social/historical debate”are there. At the same time there is a feeling that the film is more than the above.

SPOILER: In the finale of the story the domineering father of the bride (the real demon?) tries to put a spell on the weeding guests convincing them that nothing happened and that they didn’t exist, as he doesn’t exit.

Unfortunately the local contemporaries of Marcin Wrona took this hypnotic suggestion to heart and ignored the movie.

I would love to see a next Marcin Wrona film. And so I am waiting for him to re-appear.

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