Pitfalls of personal docs.

Trying to keep with the self imposed restriction of not criticizing specific movies by other directors (OMG, is it difficult or what!), and after seeing a certain first person documentary, let me list a few dangers that await those of us who put themselves into their own movies:

Showing your own face in extended shots and looking pensive doesn’t automatically translate into depth.

A collection of interesting elements does not automatically turn into a subject. Since it is the connections between these elements that ultimately make or break the narrative we need to strive to join the elements rather than to just list them. Joining would be showing their connections or finding a common thread that on a certain level unifies them.

Our personal divagations, if not properly presented, do not necessarily have to concern the audience. The border that separates a display of narcissism from universal is ladened with traps of ridicule, boredom and stupidity.

Most of us are more boring, irritating, shallow or dumber than we think we are, therefore pointing the cameras at ourselves should be preceded by a hard look into the mirror. If there isn’t much reflecting back from the mirror but we still absolutely need to share our precious selves with the world let’s at least make it visually intriguing and try to push formal aspects of the storytelling.

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