Screens “R” us

A movie screen sizes you up
and evaluates carefully.
Beware, no mercy intended here.
You will get only what you deserve.
Do not go lightly
into that dark room.

“I wish it didn’t happen this way
yet, those who approach me
for an autograph or to say
how much they enjoy my latest role
(of a killer or a lover or a hero)
forfeit for this moment
their dignity.
Dizziness of their
dislocated souls
pains and troubles me.
It is my duty
to make them
feel whole again.”

Small words kill,
glances belittle,
silences condemn.
Monologues oppress,
wits chip away
chunks of souls.
"Movie stars in politics?
Look at Clooney,
what gave him the right to
throw his weight as
the ambassador of peace?
Ridiculous and pathetic."
Me, me, me
everyone silently screams
around a dinner table.
“Pawel, we hope
you won’t feel offended,
but we don’t like movies,
they are too shallow.”


the middle part re-words a quote from George Clooney reported by Ian Parker in "Somebody has to be in control" published by "The New Yorker".

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