The Lewinski update

Prof. Feliks Lewinski (Krzysztof Janczar) lecturing

To answer a few recent questions concerning Feliks Lewinski:

Prof. Lewinski's theory is gaining momentum in the academic word. Scholars are dissecting his early publications, doctoral dissertations on Lewinski are in vogue, many congresses devote entire sections to discuss his philosophical contributions. For example see the Lewinski panel at the 2008 Congress of The Contemporary Philosophy, Boston, USA: link

Feliks Lewinski is a Polish philosopher who has written extensively on topics in philosophy of language, ethics, and metaphilosophy. Until the publication of his “Phenomenology of truth” he was best known for his writings on Wittgenstein, and his association with the New Wittgenstein School. He has also written on Stanley Cavell, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Soren Kierkegaard, edited two volumes of Hilary Putnam's papers, and edited (with Adam Hottgeland) one volume of Thomas Kuhn's papers. He lectured extensively in the United States, Israel, Great Britain, Germany, Iran and Brazil.

Lewinski was born in 1950, in Warsaw, Poland. He received his B.A. in Philosophy and History of Science from Warsaw University, and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Krakow University in 1970. He joined the philosophy faculty at the University of Krakow from 1991-1999, and then became Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warsaw where he continues to teach.

For more info see also "Phenomenology of Truth" and "Light Denied". Prof. Lewinski graciously appears in both.

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