All earthly strives for “togetherness.”

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For Dad:

I've always felt that musicians have been pretty close to “true nature of reality”. Among them, jazz players are my favorites. A recent interview with Leszek Możdzer, an outstanding Polish pianist, has an interesting line: “God is clear consciousness.” To me in “who says what”, “who” is as important (if not more) as “what.” Możdzer, by being experienced in pain, search, defeat and success, has earned the right to be listened to carefully. Musically and otherwise.

So, the level headed, honest and sincere Możdzer says - “God is clear consciousness.” “Clear” I read as undivided, whole. Our sens of ourselves, of our consciousnesses, due to the fact of being singular, cannot grasp a state of being undivided. No matter what we do, we are unable to transcend this limitation.

Yet we try. The above graph shows the undivided, whole (God) versus divided, singular (human consciousness). The 23 year old Australian, the maker of the image, uses terms “distinction-less reality” for God and “distinction reality” for human and other forms of the universe. Above this graph (in my interpretation) resides undivided, distinction-less, transcendental reality. The arrow pointing upward indicates our strive to reach it.

How does the Total Whiteness above the quoted graph (if I may upwardly extend the image) manifest itself in our reality? One answer is religious. Another musical. Music hints at the connectives, power, sublime, playfulness and beauty of the creation. It hints at this amazing moment a few seconds just after the Big Bang in which the Undivided divides Itself. Its parts, in the process of ever accelerating separation, still can sense their original wholeness. Those precious few moments magically continue until now. In jazz.

(Isn’t the Big Bang a weird idea? Isn’t it is on the same level as “the universe rests on four giant elephants” concept? Both, in their clumsiness, unwillingly seem to support the suspicion that the singularity cannot grasp the whole.)

Możdzer quotes (Osho, I believe): “If you want to be somebody - you’ve got to become nobody.” It makes sense: the way for us to reach the whole is to negate that which separates us from it. Meaning, we need to drop the ego, that which is singular, divided.

Singularity is the price for being and at the same time the in-passable limitation in our understanding of the universe. All of our attempts to transcend the prison of “unclear” (singular) consciousness want to reach God. Such are love, art, people friendly politics, philosophical theories "with heart". All beautiful. All earthly strives for “togetherness.”

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